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A carrier arrested in Burgos with a sophisticated manipulation of the tachograph to make more hours


Subsector forces of Traffic Civil Guard intercepted Burgos transport carrier in the A-1, in the suburbs of the capital, driving an articulated vehicle the tachograph had been manipulated so sofistifada, according to sources of the Prefectures .

Dates back specialists Subsector Road Transport Traffic, one of the preventive inspection controls, reviewed long-haul transport, with 22,000 kilos of fresh fish, coming from Guipuzcoa and headed to the province of Jaen.

Close inspection, forcing examine all wiring and other connections that could affect the tachograph or speed limiter, electronic verified that there was a change in the interior.

In fact, carriers, aided by a remote control, triggering at will, falsified data can lengthen the day at the wheel undetected when possible inspection.

Reading driving times and rest periods required for the driver, showed that carried out long rest periods when it really was driving.

While the car owner faces two possible penalties of up to 4,001 euros each, by disrupting the tachograph: one for wearing installed a manipulation in the tachograph and the second for other manipulation that affects the speed limiter, the driver could earn a penalty of 500 euros and the withdrawal of six points on driving licenses.