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Bus registrations rose by 14.8% in July

The number of buses, coaches and midibuses registered during the month of July has reached 140 units, representing a growth of 14.8% compared to the 122 vehicles registered in the same month the year 2014. Thus a study prepared by the firm Market Intelligence Systems (MSI).

By brand, the statistics indicates that leadership is occupied by Volvo, which has managed to enroll 41 points and helped him to obtain a market share of 29.2%. Next, are Irisbus and Scania with 26 registered vehicles and a penetration of 18.5% in both cases, MAN (18 units and a market share of 12.8%), Mercedes-Benz (15 and 10.7%), Setra (8 and 5.7%), King Long (3 and 2.1%), Otokar (2 and 1.4%) and Solaris Bus (1 and 0.7%).

In corresponding to the first seven months of the year accumulated, the study shows that have enrolled a total of 1,244 buses, coaches and midibuses, representing an increase of 50.6% compared with 826 vehicles registered between January and July 2014.

For brands, more buses, coaches and midi buses MAN has been enrolled, thanks to 273 units registered until July, meaning a penetration of 21.9%. Later Volvo (245 registered vehicles and a market share of 19.6%), Irisbus (242 and 19.4%), Mercedes-Benz (219 and 17.6%), Scania (157 and 12 are located, 6%), Setra (39 and 3.1%), King Long (29 and 2.3%), Otokar (27 and 2.1%), Solaris Bus (9 and 0.7%), VDL Bus (3 and 0.2%) and Ayats (1 and 0.08%).