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The Justícia European endorses the prohibició French i Belgian of fer the descans setmanal in the tr

To finals of 2014, France and Belgium established an interpretation of the norm on time of driving and rest,Forbidding to the professional drivers that can do the ordinary weekly rest on board of the trucks, with sanctions of until 30.000 euros in case of incumplimiento.
The prohibition, that was being analysed by the European Commission by possible violation of the community rule, applies only to the normal weekly rests,That is to say, to the ones of more than 45 hours that the drivers have to do of compulsory form each two weeks of driving.
This regulation is being analysed by the Court of Justice of the Union Euorpea, because of the sanction imposed by the Belgian authorities to a company carrier whose chauffeur was doing the weekly rest in the cabin.In this judicial procedure have personado several European States in defence or rejection of said regulation: Austria, Belgium, France and Germany have manifested in favour of the prohibition, whereas Spain and Estonia oponen to the measure.
The General Legal profession of the European Court has issued a prescriptive report confirming the legality of said regulation and his compatibility with the European rule, when understanding that, en lo referente al descanso semanal, el Reglamento europeo 561/2006 debe "interpretarse en sentido de que un conductor no debe tomar el descanso semanal ordinario dentro del vehículo".
After the conclusions issued by the General Legal profession, estimates that in the next months, the High European Court will resolve in the sense to endorse the regulation on the prohibition of the weekly rest of the drivers on board of his vehicles.
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