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CAMPAÑA Tispol Truck-bus

According to data from the DGT between February 26 and March 4, 11,182 vehicles have been checked between goods and passengers.
The results of this campaign have been:
- 2,990 reported for not complying with some of the provisions of the regulations and other 24 trucks were immobilized for different reasons.
- 16 truck drivers and 3 bus drivers tested positive for drugs.
- 8 Positives for alcohol.
Reports of excess driving hours and those related to the tachograph have been the most numerous.
550 complaints were processed for excess hours of driving (533 to trucks and 17 to buses) and 365 for issues related to the tachograph (320 trucks and 45 buses).
Traffic reminds that an excess in driving time can generate fatigue and distractions, which increases the risk of suffering or causing an accident.
The complaints imposed by technical deficiencies of the vehicle, excess weight and bad stowage amounted to 535, of which 36 were in buses and the rest of trucks.23