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Warehouses: RfWareH

Nowadays, many corporporations have systems for planning resources (ERP), to take the control of their warehouses. Nevertheless, these systems usually are not able to reflect the real stock due to several reasons, but mainly due to the lack of integration between the different enterprise processes (purchases, sales, production, etc.).

In order to solve this problem, RfWareH has been designed to take the integral management of the processes that affect the warehouse (control of existence, entrances, exits, inventories, articles, lots and locations) fastly, practically and efficiently.

Using this software, the costs of administration and warehousing are reduced significantly, and the efficiency, productivity and reliability of the warehouse information are increased.

RfWareH is a flexible product, ready to adapt your logistics models to the needs of each business. This flexibility is due to the processes parameters and the possibility of adding optional modules depending on the kind of bussiness to manage.

The execution of physical movements is done with radiofrequency terminals, its software is interated in the system core, so the changes in stock are reflected immediatly in the application.

The present market has new needs and technological improvements, so RfWareH is constantly in development, offering new solutions.

Because of its scaled and solid design, RfWareH lets you expand your business without technological constraints.